Corporate Touch is a professional team of experienced and qualified massage therapists, headed by Sandra Despard who has been providing occupational health services to Western Australia's corporate sector since 1996.

The Corporate Touch team is fully insured in Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Workers Compensation.


Occupational massage process

Corporate Touch's occupational massage process is an ongoing program in your place of business, which provides:

  • Head, neck and shoulder massage at the employee's individual workstation
  • Recipient remains seated, fully clothed and can continue to work
  • No oils are used

Occupational massage is not just a program to help the recipient to relax. It involves the application of pressure on specific stress release points, in conjunction with gentle manipulation.

It is designed to encourage the entire mind/body system to become alert so that the employee is refreshed and has renewed concentration.


Stress Management Program

Corporate Touch's Stress Management Program allows managers to boost employee physical and emotional well-being while improving productivity. The personal attention given to employees tells them you care about them as individuals.
The resulting reduction in stress and repetitive motion strain and minor injuries will improve workplace morale. In the short term this will result in fewer claims and may in the long term improve your Workers' Compensation profile.

In addition to our workplace Stress Management Program, Corporate Touch provides services for special events, including:

  • Corporate Golf Days
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Presentations


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